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Sweet Plastik - A Community Art Film Project
Made on Pulau Breuh, Banda Aceh, Indonesia, 11:58 min.

Nitiin International Film Festival, Malaysia (Award)
Jaffna Global International Film Festival, Sri Lanca (Award)
Thilsri International Film Festival, India (Award)
Navy international film festival, Malaysia
Kinosuite International, Indonesia
Minikino Festival, Indonesia
Frome International Climate Film Festival, GB
Cinemaking International Film Festival, Bangladesh
International Ecoperformance Film Festival, Brasil, Argentina, USA, Australia, Romania
Santa Dev International Film Festival, India
The Anthropocene Project, Germany

It is monsoon season, and a gust of wind blows through the island. Numerous pieces of plastic follow the wind’s path and pile up along the shoreline: a predicament for residents of the island. The island of Breuh at the northwest of Sumatra is a forgotten place. The plastic waste that washes up on the shore, however, is global to say the least. Sweet Plastik shows how “plastic” and “sweetness” are inseparable as almost every sweet is packaged in a plastic wrap. Traditional stories of the island of Breuh fuse with the improvisational storytelling by the villagers in this video. The artist named Agus Nur Amal, for example, is featured as a wanderer who weaves various stories of the village. Whenever an intriguing idea surfaces, the residents create props on the spot, sing a song, and give rise to a story. Upon the completion of the video, the artists and residents hosted a lighthearted screening event at the International Museum of Plastic Waste.

Ideas, costumes, buildings & acting:
Agus Nur Amal
Fachrurrazi Ogut Smak
Syahrul Qadri
Mirza Felani
Alif Al-Ghifari
Gilang Zulkahfi
Ramadhan Moeslem
Yulfa Haris Saputra
Perdana Romi Saputra
Rahmiana Rahman
Adli Dzil Ikram
Kak Rini
Anak Anak SD Lapeng
Alfred Banze
Christine Falk

Music: Ramadhan Moeslem, Alif Al-Ghifari & Fachrurrazi Ogut Smak
Camera & editing: Alfred Banze
Directors: Alfred Banze, Christine Falk & Agus Nur Amal
A Dream Garden Production © 2024

Institut Seni Budaya, Rumah Relawan Remaja, Kebun Impian Lapeng, Komunitas Tikar Pandan, Masyarakat Desa Lapeng Aceh Indonesia & Camping Akademie e.V. Berlin Germany. Special thank you to the residents of Lapeng Village, Pulo Breuh.


Camping Akademie e.V.
Langhansstrasse 7A, 13086 Berlin