Kunst - Kultur - Bildung

What are the colors and lines of Dumaguete? A workshop directed by Christine Falk & Alfred Banze from Berlin, Germany. The participants explore the public urban space and their personal environment. Is there such a thing as locally typical colors and lines? Or is everything just arbitrary, interchangeable, global and all the same? The Colors & Lines project hopes to prompt intercultural dialogue on topics as homeland, globalisation, urban planning, and social inclusion.
Workshop 23 - 31 January 2018 at Art Department Silliman University Dumaguete, Philippines.
Art Lecture - 24 January 2018 at Art Department Silliman University.
Exhibition - 2 - 9 February 2018 at the new University Art Gallery.

Camping Akademie e.V.
Langhansstrasse 7A, 13086 Berlin