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Cambodian Berlin
Paintings, Drawings, Videos & Ideas
by Sokuntevy Oeur (Berlin) & Alfred Banze (Battambang)
Sat 20 May, 7 pm - Opening & Artist Talk
Tue 23 May 7 pm - Cambodian Beat Party
with Lightshow by Oliver Orthuber & DJ-Set
Sun 20 - Tue 23 May 3 - 7 pm Exhibition
>top Schillerpallais
Schillerpromenade 4 12049 Berlin
Sokuntevy Oeur´s work is based on her life experiences and observations, for her an endless source of humor, curiosity and absurdity. In her new series of oil paintings, she reflects her first experiences of moving from Cambodia to Berlin. She became quite enthralled in people’s behavior on public transportation. She enjoyed observing people while riding around the city, the way they are stuck in time. Her dizzying compositions use a wide range of colors and patterns, subverting points of view, creating a pseudo-psychedelic effect.
Alfred Banze presents a participatory video- and drawing project, realized in Battambang, Cambodia, in cooperation with local artists and students: „2.5 Street - Rise and Fall of a Community Art Space in Battambang“. The work follows stories and anecdotes of Sammaki Community Art Space (2011 - 2016), which closed its doors last year. Supported by Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department & German Embassy in Cambodia, in cooperation with Sammaki Community Artspace, Bayman Team, Meta House Phnom Penh & Camping Akademie e.V.

Camping Akademie e.V.
Langhansstrasse 7A, 13086 Berlin